Friday, January 2, 2015

Perodua Axia 1.0G review after 2 months usage

I have sold my 13 years old Proton Wira 1.3 Aeroback last October as I don't use it so often. Back then the decision was made partly because I'm using company car, Nissan Navara for daily commute. Then as my daughter will be going into Standard 1 in 2016, the need for small car for my wife comes up.
At first I'm going to settle for Perodua Viva as the main requirement is small, easy for my wife to drive around, low maintenance and low profile but as I'm ready to place my booking, the news of Perodua to launch new model comes out.
So when Perodua announce and launched the new Perodua Axia, Malaysia first EEV, I was one of the earliest to place booking. More on the car detail you can read from Paultan review at Paultan Perodua Axia.

After 2 months usage, I must say that i'm impressed with the car. Not because its relatively "cheap" (FACT: There are no cheap car in Malaysia based on per capita income, only because the facility allow for longer loan tenure) but mainly because this small car has perfectly filled up my expectation.

The main objective for my purchase of this Axia is for it to be a city car. For this it excel tremendously. Easy to park, easy to drive around, fuel saving, big boot (compare with its overall size) and yes, its cute and i manage to get THE color which my wife loves.

Parking in between tight area in The Mines

Nice design but it can be mistaken for a Myvi 

Yes you can achieve it as per its advertisement but its not easy for the Auto version. Easier with Manual version, though

All in all as long as you can manage your expectation, I think this car is good enough for:
1. Second car for daily commute from home to work and vice versa.
2. University/ College Students.
3. Housewife sending their kids to school.
4. Running errands in the city.
5. First time car buyer/ college grad looking for their first car.

Not recommended for
1. Only car for 2+2 families (2 adults + 2 kids)
2. Long distance travels
3. People with heavy foot on the gas pedal.

...and a bit of some advertisement

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

kos sara hidup versus peningkatan pendapatan?

setengah orang fikir tak mengapa kalau kos sara hidup meningkat asalkan pendapatan meningkat. pemikiran sebegini betul juga kalau fikir sebegitu tetapi:

  1. adakah pendapatan bertambah sejajar dengan peningkatan kos? secara kasar kita boleh lihat perbelanjaan sendiri dahulu, ada atau tidak pertambahan lebihan belanja/ simpanan/ pelaburan daripada pendapatan bulanan? jikalau tiada atau negatif, peningkatan kos sara hidup melebihi peningkatan pendapatan.
  2. berapa cepat kita boleh kejar peningkatan kos sara hidup dengan peningkatan pendapatan? ingat, jika kamu adalah pekerja yang menyumbang kepada KWSP dan membayar cukai, tahap percukaian adalah berbeza mengikut pendapatan. Ya, ada rebat/ pengecualian tetapi itu ada tahapnya. secara kasar jika kamu memperolehi pendapatan keseluruhan RM80k ke atas setahun, cukai pendapatan sahaja boleh menyebabkan gaji bersih seumpama pendapatan RM50k. besar periuk, besar lah keraknya ye
  3. berapa ramai antara kita boleh berbelanja dibawah paras pendapatan. Ya, bukan pada paras pendapatan, tetapi dibawahnya. contoh, jika kamu mampu membayar ansuran kereta RM1000 sebulan, berapa ramai yang akan membeli kereta untuk ansuran RM1000 itu berbanding dengan mereka yang memilih untuk membayar ansuran kurang dari itu. secara ringkasnya RM1000 ansuran untuk 9 tahun membolehkan kamu membeli model Proton Suprima S dengan d/p 10%, 3% interest.
  4. renungkan, para atuk nenek kita bukannya memperolehi jumlah pendapatan seperti kita sekarang tetapi mereka boleh mengumpul harta, tanah yang boleh diwarisi kepada generasi seterusnya. kenapa kita sekarang nampak perkara ini seperti benda yang jauh dari jangkauan?

Friday, February 25, 2011

New Petrol Cutter coming to Malaysia in April 2011!

cut anything whether its concrete with rebar, brick wall, steel pipes or metal deck.

cutting depth of 150mm (DSH900).

high revving engine of 11,000rpm to maintain high cutting power.

broad usable torque range enable high performance cutting
trolley option to do road cutting with ease

with new Equidist diamond disc, saves every ringgit of your cutting cost!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Overhead Coring for Wall Plug Installation

on April 20th 2009, i went to Bintulu to train a customer who bought Hilti DDEC1 complete with DDREC water recycling unit for an overhead coring job.
they want to install a pipe support using Hilti HVU system but the column are rebar infested so drilling with drill machine has no use.
complete set up to do coring overhead. no wall plug needed.
easy to do coring overhead and very easy to move to next coring point.

easy to operate.
but the customer are using it in MLNG2 plant which prohibit me from taking actual application photo.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Suria Sabah Cutting Job

early April i went to Kota Kinabalu to conduct a site training for our new Diamond Service Contractor, Redback Construction Sdn Bhd.
Suria Sabah is a development on a reclaim land at Kota kinabalu, boasting a shopping mall combined with 4 or 5 star hotel.
Currenty there are demand to change the location of teh escalator as shop owner complain that a few escalator are not in their favor as the location of the escalator will tend to make shopper not notice their shop.
big beams with no time to waste makes it a no choice for hacking. so Redback step in to do the cutting thus eliminating touch up needed after the job finish as with diamond cutting you don't need to touch up later.
cut the tile mortar with DCH300 electric cutter and PMC 36 line laser so we can plant drop in anchor inside the concrete, not inside the mortar.

After separating the slab, we cut the beam using the 1200mm saw blade. LP32 proved to be reliable to cut even beams full with rebar.

As you can see, 44 number of rebar with steel link cut through as well. no problem with Hilti DLP32 wall saw system.

All girls cutting team posed with Hilti TS5SE electric wall saw.

Overhead cutting with DLp32 wall saw system. the machine is hanged upside down by Hilti HSA anchor. cutting 500mm thick excess slab.

DSTS5SE cutting rebar. the electric wall saw are very silent when not cutting. also comes with silent blade if the jobsite cannot endure excess noise level.
After cut, remove the beam with forklift. the supervisor smiled happily as one problem goes away already.
Myself with Redback Construction Sdn Bhd. a pose of graduation.